Your Bitcoin address, needed in order to receive Bitcoin, is found in your Bitcoin wallet. You’ll need to download a Bitcoin wallet, either on your mobile device or desktop.

Take a look at our wallet comparison table so you can see what the right one is for you.

Once you have initiated your wallet and noted your 12 or 24 word seed phrase, you will have access to your Bitcoin addresses in order to receive funds.

A Bitcoin address can be one of the following formats:

  1. Legacy (addresses start with 1) it’s the oldest and most expensive in terms of transaction fee costs.

  2. P2sh-segwit (addresses start with 3) it’s the most compatible and in between in terms of transactions fee costs.

  3. Segwit native (addresses start with bc1) it’s the most advanced and the cheapest in terms of transaction fees. This is the one we recommend.

We strongly recommend you use a hardware wallet, like the Coldcard, if you wish to store substantial amounts over a longer period of time.

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