1. On your Veriphi dashboard, select “Sell Bitcoin”.

  2. Enter the amount of canadian dollars you’d like to receive.

  3. Enter your bank details if this is your first sell order.

  4. Select a method for us to contact you to complete the sell order.

  5. A Veriphi broker will contact you and will confirm with you the amount of Bitcoin you must send.

  6. The amount of Bitcoin to send, as well as the address to send it to will appear in the Sell Order summary page.

    1. Your rate will be fixed for 15 minutes. If the funds are received after the timer has elapsed, your rate will be adjusted to the price at the moment of receiving the bitcoins.

  7. Once we receive a confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain, we will send them funds to your bank account.

We can send funds to any Canadian bank account.

Funds can also be sent to you via Interac e-Transfer depending on the amount.

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